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UAE's announcement to give full ownership of business to the foreigners

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE), taking decades of ban on the country, decided to make foreigners complete the complete property rights in the commercial centers.

After the end of this ban, foreigners will be allowed to keep the full management of businesses
The United Arab Emirates Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Almaty, on Twitter, said on Twitter, "We have 100% foreign ownership approved in 122 economic activities in the cabinet meeting in Abu Dhabi." Gone '.

This announcement has ended the ban banned decades ago, whereas foreigners only got 49% of their rights.
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Rashid Almatyum further said that this permission will be applied in fields of agriculture, manufacturing, alternative energy, e-commerce transport, arts, construction and entertainment.

7 The UAE Government will decide about foreign ownership in the major business sectors in the United Arab Emirates of the Arab States.

It is believed that free trade zones have been set up in some state-of-the-art cities including Dubai to alleviate the already banned 49% ban, where foreigners can hold all their property rights.
Sheikh Mohammad Almaty said that this decision would open the doors of the UAE economy all nationalities 'which would become the best place for global investment'.

The world's most diverse and second largest cabinets have initially allowed the most important 13 economic sectors.

UAE's capital is compounded by the vast majority of Abu Dhabi oils, with daily production of 30 million barrels.

In addition to the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates is the largest country to get foreign direct investment, which has received $ 11 billion in this year last year.

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