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The World Cup will get a new global champion after 23 years

With the defeat of India and Australia in the semi-final of the World Cup, New Zealand and England teams have reached the final, and 23 years later, a new World Champion Champion will become.
In the ongoing World Cup in England, the New Zealand team defeated the defending champion Australia by Australia, and both teams will strike on July 14 in the historic field of London for the title.

With this, 23 years later, the World Cup will get a new global champion, because during the past years, the same teams will be champions, who had won the champion before it.
Earlier in 1996, the Sri Lanka team had won the title to be the champion, the last team that was champion for the first time.

After that, the Australian team was champion in 1999, but he had named the title in 1987 and then Australia won the 2003 and 2007 honor of winning the World Cup.
In 2011, when the Indian team got the title of Champions on their soil, the second time the World Champion was made, in 1983, Kapil Dev under the leadership of India was the first time champion.
The New Zealand team was able to reach the 2015 World Cup finals, but Australia defeated them and won the champion for the fifth time.

However, after the defeat of both India and Australia in the 2019 World Cup semifinal, England and New Zealand teams have now reached the final, so the world will now see a team becoming a global champion who has never been honored before it. Did not get
Now let's see which team stepping on victory on Lord's historic field on July 14. Will the England team decorate the global champion over the crown or the New Zealand team will be surprised once again and again to win the World Champion.

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