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The secrets of the movie 'incision' stand-end came to an end

Scientific fiction is the same as the one who did not even think, but many times it seems to be seen in the movies which do not believe in seeing and it seems like this may happen, it is definitely a surety for sure uncertainty. Is.

Hollywood director, Christopher Nolan's 'incidence', is often seen by people and still does not get their heart.

And a good movie is that which the story can not be touched by people's mind, but many years later, they have to find answers to questions about it.

The same happened in the end of the passion and the film has now been released for nine years, but the viewers are still looking forward to explanation about its standings.

Leonardo Di Caprio played the main role in the movie of the thieves who had secretly secreted their dreams, and his heart was also Dom Role, who specializes in stealing information of the institutions, but by engaging in the people's dreams His body is to steal secrets.

This feature has increased its demand for corporate world, but its value also has to bury the thief in everything that she loved, such as the wife committed suicide while she went to America because she was unable to meet her children because He was accused of killing the wife.

But then it gets the opportunity to get everything again, when it is apparently an impossible task to offer, to whom an Idea plant is in mind.

If you do not see the movie, avoid reading ahead because the end will be listed below, but if you have seen, you will also remember how the movie ends.

As you may remember that after successful success in your mission, Dom Kob goes to meet his children and lettes it move in a dream or in reality, but at the same time the children come out and they get out of the room. Goes away

In the closing film of the movie, it is seen that the loot is rotating, which is reflected on the story of the film that it is a dream, but the director immediately concludes Sen, so it is difficult to say clearly that Lloom rotates or not.

The director of the film never explained about the end of the movie, but left behind the matter.
However, Michael Cain, who played the role of Leonardo de Caprio in the film, has tried to curb the curiosity of the end.

According to the British Daily Inspector's British report, the British actor told about it, "When I got an encrypted script, I was confused and told Nellan that I am unable to hear where the dream is, and where the reality, The director on which the director said, "When you are in the Sen, then it will be realistic, so you can understand where the screen was visible, it was real life scene, where I was not, that was a dream."

And repeat the movie's inspection again, you will remember that Michael Cann is also present with the children at the end of the end, if he is considered to be present, his presence in San confirms that he It was not a dream but the truth

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