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The common habit that devastates for the heart's health

Seating at home at the end of the day seems to be a good idea to see television, but this habit can be devastating for the heart.

This came in a medical study in the US.

The research of the American Heart Association states that those who are accustomed to watching TV over 4 hours a day, the risk of death from disease and fluid increases up to 50 percent.

In research, it was discovered that sitting in front of TV compared to sitting all day proves to be more destructive for the heart, because people often like eating fat foods while watching the program.

Researchers said that in the middle of this habit, chronic fatigue, dysfunction and other diseases are increased because of those habitats, when people sit watching TV when the day ends, they then move from their place at the same time. When they go to bed for sleeping.

He said that watching TV is a dangerous mixture of excessive foods and then sitting for hours, while watching dinner, people like eating something like watching TV shows that usually chute Or there is something more salt or sugar.

More than 3,000 people have been reviewed for more than 8 years and discover that those who spend watching several hours a day watching TV are physically very dynamic, from which physical Weight increases, while their nutritional habits are also poor, and often suffer from high blood pressure.

As a result, people of all ages, especially in middle ages, increase the risk of heart attack and fluid.

Researchers suggested that if you are accustomed to watching television for several hours throughout the day, as well as severe physical activity for a week of 150 minutes can also reduce this risk by part of life.

Or it is hard to exercise, at least take a quick walk or awakening can reduce the risks due to watching TV too much.

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