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Pak Suzuki vehicles increase once again

After Toyota and Honda, now Pak Paki Suzuki has increased the cost of its vehicles.

According to a report from Pro Pakistan, Suzuki has increased the value of rupees compared to the dollar and the Federal Excise duty has been increased from Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 40,000 in the prices of vehicles after the financial excise duty in 2019.20.

During this year, the price of vehicles increased by Suzuki, and now the new addiction will be applied on July 1st.

However, the company says that this increase will not apply to the pre-ordered orders.

In the past, the company has said that most parts of the assembled vehicles in Pakistan are imported from abroad and when the value of Pakistani rupees falls, the price of these parts increases, due to which the cost of vehicles Also increases

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New Suzuki notification dealers have been shifted to Pak Suzuki and according to them the prices of vehicles are as follows:

Suzuki Mehran VX: The car has increased from 40 thousand rupees to 7 lakh to 99 thousand rupees to Rs.

Suzuki Mehran VR: 43 thousand rupees will be sold instead of 8 lakhs 80 thousand instead of 9000 rupees.

Suzuki Ravi: Rs. 6 lakhs to 96 thousand rupees after increase of Rs.

Suzuki Bolan: It will be sold at Rs 100,000 instead of 8 lakh 74 thousand rupees after raising one lakh 76 thousand rupees.

Suzuki Bolan Cargo: Its price has increased from Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15,000.

Suzuki Swift NAVIIM: This car has increased to Rs. 20,000 rupees and it has increased from Rs.15 lakhs to Rs. 19 lakhs.

Suzuki Swift NAVIAT: It has increased from Rs.2029,000 to Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 50,000.

Suzuki Clients VRR: This car has increased from Rs. 14 lakh 40 thousand to Rs 17 lakh 45 thousand after the increase of Rs. 3 lakhs.

Suzuki Clients VXL: Its price has increased to Rs. 3 lakhs and it will be sold at Rs 18 lakhs instead of Rs.15 lakhs.

Suzuki clips AGS: After the increase in this three lakh 7 thousand rupees, 16 lakhs to Rs. 68 lakhs has been increased.

Suzuki Wagner RV XR: Its price has increased at Rs. 2, 76 thousand and it will be sold at Rs 15 lakh 40 thousand instead of Rs 12 lakhs 64 thousand.

Suzuki Wagner RVXL: This increase of Rs. 2 lakhs has been Rs. 16 lakhs instead of 13 lakh 44 thousand rupees.

Suzuki Suzuki GL. MT: After expanding one lakh 40 thousand rupees, 13 lakhs 44 thousand rupees has increased to 16 lakhs 25 thousand rupees.

Suzuki Suzuki G. AT: The cost of this car has increased by Rs 2 lakhs and now it has grown to Rs 2.5 million from 23 million rupees.

Suzuki VTRL GL X: After the increase of Rs.25 lakhs 5000, the vehicle has increased from 40 lakhs to 90 thousand rupees to Rs 42 lakhs.

Suzuki Gymnastics JL / DX: This jeep has increased by Rs.20 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs 93 thousand instead of Rs 26 lakh 18 thousand.

Suzuki APV 1.5 GLX. MT: This vehicle will be sold at Rs 34 lakhs instead of Rs. 31 lakh 40 thousand after the increase of Rs. 20 lakhs.

It is believed that Honda and Toyota had also increased the prices of their vehicles, which has already been applied since July 1st.

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