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Online game in Jordan banned 'Pocket G'

Jordan banned the most famous but brutal online game PUBG, saying it has "negative effects" on the citizens of the Empire.

According to the Foreign News Agency, AFP, Pub ji is the world's leading mobile game, in which players attack and kill each other in anonymous places.

Sources of Jordanian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority warned that the game has been making negative effects on the player's play, and that's why officially banned it.

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Earlier, the game has been banned from the game in Iraq, Nepal, Indian state of Gujarat, and Indonesia.

In May China's major technology company 'Tensen' stopped the game further for consumers, and instead presented a new and almost similar game for consumers.

It is clear that PocketG game is played widely in Jordan, but the agencies have warned their employees several times to play the game.

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Psychologists of the country have warned many times that this game is promoting violence and abusive among youngsters.

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