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Mir Nawaz Nawaz Accountability court judge Arshad Malik's alleged video

Akhtar Muslim League (N) Vice President Mary Nawaz in the case of accountability court against his father and party leader Nawaz Sharif should bring the alleged secret video of Judge Arshad Malik.

It is clear that the judge of the Accountability Court of Islamabad, Arshad Malik, sentenced former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to 7 years imprisonment for abundance and heavy punishment, while he was abducted in the fraudulent reference.

The Accountability Court judge, Muhammad Arshad Malik, decides on Dec. 1, on December 19 references filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

In a press conference with the PML-N chief Shahbaz Sharif and other senior leaders in Lahore, Mary Nawaz said that you all know that Panama's ongoing continuity continues today, due to which three times the Prime Minister's jail I'm in jail

He said that on the media Nawaz Sharif used to get the allegations of corruption and money laundering, but these allegations did not prove to be in court but they were still punished.

Mary Nawaz said that when there was no evidence against her three-generation accountability, then the ideas based on the ideas were heard.

He said that the court had said that the evidence was not with us, while we provided 50 years of old records to the court, but no evidence of our evidence was accepted, which is a major reason for the decisions before the commencement of cases Were done

Nawaz Sharif got some help
The league president said that we repeatedly opened the door to court, but every time a new sentence was given, however, Nawaz Nawaz decided to leave the decision on Allah, whose victory got him the worst help.

He said that one day it came to pass that the punisher himself said that 'Nawaz Sharif is abused.' He further said that the evidence we get in is clear that Nawaz Sharif's punishment has been malicious.

He also played a video during the press conference, made from a hidden camera, in which Arshid Malik is meeting a person named Nasir Butt in which he is talking about NAB reference against Nawaz Sharif.

Mary Nawaz said that the judge appearing in the video after Nasir Butt told the decision that 'Nawaz Sharif is abused, after my decision, my conscience remains blameless.'

The judge further said that it should be conveyed to Nawaz Sharif that his case has been swollen.

The judge admitted that there was no evidence against Nawaz Sharif
He further said that Judge Arshad Malik is confessing to Nasir Butt that there is no evidence against Nawaz Sharif.

Mir Nawaz said that the judges in the video themselves are saying that there is no evidence of a mini-landing deal against Nawaz Sharif.

He said that in one place, the judge said that JIT did not overseas the property abroad.

Judge in the video said that the standard was adopted in the decisions against Nawaz Sharif.

Mary Nawaz said that I had told that I would not let Nawaz Sharif become a murmur and he would go to the last and this video was the last.

He further said that I am not only a prostitute but also the prime minister of Pakistan.

Mary Nawaz said that in the history of Pakistan, the first time it came to know how the country has been in the country with the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Imran Khan criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Imran Khan has no respect. Modi is not listening to his phone call, while Nawaz Sharif's house came to that same Modi.

He said Imran Khan came down silicone and the country that he had done is in front of everyone.

Mary Nawaz said that all the members including PML-N leaders served Pakistan and its growth rate reached 5.9 percent.

Talking about the work of former Chief Minister Punjab, he said that he proved himself superior to his hard work.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a silicade, then he is called a slated, he has done the situation in just 10 months of the country which did not happen during his entirety.

Mary Nawaz challenged Prime Minister Imran Khan that he would leave his 'bishops' support and get them in the field, then he would know his times.

He said that while Imran Khan conspired here, he did not know what the economy is, which is the name of the security bird and how Pakistan is run.

At the end of his press conference, he demanded that after this video, the cases against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be removed because he does not have the right to keep the jail in jail.

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