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Green signal to sell Android lenses to Google

After the ban imposed on the wind a month ago, the company's smartphone users were worried that they were now missing the use of Android operating system updates and Google apps.

But now the American President Donald Trumpp has softened his position regarding winding-down, calling for some restrictions.

During a press conference last week in the G20 conference, Donald Trump announced that American companies will now be able to continue business with Hawaii.

It is not yet clear whether the Wi-Fi technology will terminate the US sanctions on the creation of the network, but the restriction of sanctions will apply to Google and Android.

When Mayaways were banned in May, Google was prevented from supplying the Android Licensed Chinese company, which resulted in the use of open source code on its phones, but access to Play Store and Google Apps It's over.

Although these restrictions were deferred for 3 months in May, but it was impressed with the manufacture of future products of the Chinese company, and Huawei also started working on making its operating system.

But Google can always continue selling Android licenses, and now it has to be seen that the Chinese company continues to work on its operating system or operating on Android and EMUIOS.

However, despite sanctions in sanctions, windwill will not sell its phones in the US, but Donald Trumpp also quoted him that both countries would save the issue for the end of talks on tariff.

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