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Akshay Kumar also gave an audition for the film, Maya Ali

Mr. Ali, who is engaged in the upcoming romantic film 'Hey Have You', has admitted that he had not only wanted to work with the Bolivist Kumar Akshay Kumar in the past, but also went to India to give the awards.

For the last few days news on the Internet was viral that Maya Ali was offered to work with Akshay Kumar in the Bollywood movie.

After such news was a viral, Maya Ali confirmed that Dawn News was correct, but he also explained that this is an old news.

According to Maya Ali, the news has been taken from an old interview to Dubai's Shubub magazine, in which he told the magazine that he was offered to work with Akshay Kumar in the film.

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The actress said that not only was she offered to work with Akshay Kumar, but she also went to India for the audition on behalf of the film team.
The Manmohan actor revealed that he had given an audition for the film and was able to cast them with almost Akshay Kumar.

Maya Ali said that when she was in the last stages of casting, Pakistani artists were banned to work in India and she was staying in a Bollywood movie.

The actor hoped that if he offered a good work to him, he would surely accept it.
The actress did not explain in which movie she was offered to work with Akshay Kumar.

During May 1, Maya revealed that she was coming back to work with India and she was also there for the audition.

The actress said at the time that he is not inclined to work in bollywood movies, because he has offered a lot of his own country.
It was believed that Maya Ali's release was released just one year 'Taifa In Turbo' last year.

Maya Ali is busy shooting for her second film, 'Hey lo', these days, in that movie, she will show romance with Urban Manor.

Maya Ali started acting in TV in 2012 and her popular plays include 'Dur Shah, Lost Lost Moon, Ranjash Sai, Dihar Dil, Manmohan and Sangeam'.

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