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World Cup: Umad sparked, Pakistan defeated Afghanistan

In the lead of the World Cup against Afghanistan, Pakistan defeated Omdash Waseem's best batting by 3 wickets after a thrilling victory against Afghanistan.

In the game played in Heidelberg, Leeds, Afghanistan's team has decided to win first and win the toss.

This match is very important for the Pakistani team because victory in this match will facilitate the journey of the national team to reach the semifinal.

The Afghan batsmen had aggressively batting in the opening over of the match, but Shahin Shah Afridi, out of his opening over, opted out to Afghan opener Gulbuddin, after which the player, Hashmatullah Shahidi, returned to the palline on the first ball.

After the 2 out of 2 outfits, the Afghan opener Rahmat Shah scored some resistance, but he made 35 runs and Umeed Waseem got out on the ball.

However, despite the 3 out of 3 players, the Afghan team continued to play aggressively and Akram and Ashraf Afghan reached the team's score of 100 in 18.1 overs.

Brad Shadab Khan took 65 runs partnership between the two Afghan players, and Ashraf made the Afghan wicket with 42 runs on 121, after which the upcoming players could not resist too much and the 125-run half-Afghan team Pouline returned.
After the third round of the return of Poland, the Afghan team supported Mohammad Nabi and Najibullah, and both the players reached the Afghan team for 159 overs by 35 overs.

However, on the wicket of 167, Wahab Riaz's ball, Mohammad Amir, caught the wicketkeeper of the Afghan batsman Muhammad Nabi, and showed him the path of Pelilan.

After that, Samiullah Shaniari and Najibullah Zadran adopted the strategy to bat for remaining overs and 35 runs for the seventh wicket but Najibullah scored 42 runs when Afghanistan's 200 runs were completed, he scored 42 runs.
Rashid Khan made 8 runs but Shahin Afridi failed to understand the ball and Fakhrat Zaman was bowling while Hamid Hassan could also make a run.

Afghanistan's team scored 227 runs in the over over in 9 overs.

Shahin Shah Afridi took Pakistan by 4 runs while Wahab Riaz and Umad Waseem scored two runs out of Pakistan.

In the pursuit of the target, Anang's second ball was declared out in the pitch for pride-time wickets, prabha took a revenge against the decision, but this effort could not even save him from getting out and lost his life from Pakistan. Went away

After initial loss, Imam ul Haq and Babar Azam took the lead and offered a 72-run partnership, giving a responsible game.

The entire innings of the innings against Al-Spiners seemed to be troubled and Mohammad Nabi went to Stumble in trying to get out of the wicket, he scored 36 runs.

The national team was not even able to handle the loss that the Prophet made his team the most important success, and bowled the form Babar Azam, and made 45 runs.

Harris Sohail came with Harfi Sohail and both the players set a 40-run partnership, but experienced Hafeez scored once again after leaving the team in batsmen and returned to Pallin and the national team scored fourth wicket on 121 runs.

Harris and Sarfraz had reached the score only till 142 that Harris was declared out in the pads to bring Rashid in the ball to the wickets, and he made 27 runs.

On the occasion, all the hopes of the national team were related to captain Sarfraz Ahmed but he sat on his wicket in an attempt to take an unbeaten run.

On this occasion, Amjad came to be tremendous, and both the players made the return of Pakistan in the match by setting up 50 runs, but in this phase, Shadab scored out in an unreliable run at Peliland.

Wahid Riaz came with Waqid Waseem and Rawalpindi got the wicket of Pakistan's victory by stunning and then Umadad scored two boundaries before putting Pakistan to victory, Omdash Waseem scored 49 runs in unbeaten innings. Played.
With this victory, the Pakistan team reached 9th on the points table with nine points, while Australia, India and New Zealand respectively, respectively, second and second.

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