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Why did not Shahrukh Khan sign a movie for several months? Tell yourself

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Bollywood King Shahrokh Khan did not sign any movie yet after his film 'Zero' due to which his fans are quite curious about what he is doing these days and why he is not signing the next movie. Talking to a movie called Fear, Shahrokh Khan has answered this question. According to Times of India, Shahrukh Khan said, "I do not have any movies, nor am I working on any movie." Usually it happens that when we finish a movie, we start working on another film, but this time I do not mind doing it.
"I am in London with my family and want to spend some time with him," Shahrukh Khan added. I want to watch some movies instead of working on a new project, read some stories and read more books .If I talk about work, I and my son Arian, for the Hindi version of this line King, Are widespread. I am giving King Moabsa's voice and my son Samba. Apart from this I do not want to do anything else and do not even want to do it for a while. I want to give this family to my family. "

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