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The Pak-India match fever on Chris Gay, also named the winning team

The West Indian aggression batsman Chris Gill has also started playing a brilliance with the Indian side during the World Cup.

Chris Gill got ridiculous in Pakistan and Indian colors and came in support of both the countries.

When asked if it was your special dress, he replied that yes it is a special dress of my match on June 16.

He said that his dress is a message of peace and love.

Clearing his clothes, Chris Gill said that on the one side of this dress, the colors of the Indian flag and the other are the colors of the Pakistani flag, and the two teams are very strong.

When asked, he would win today's match between Pakistan and India on which he said it was a "West Indies".
It is clear that the Pakistan and India teams will now be in competition with Manchester in England.

Pakistan team has got only one single success in the World Cup, while Indian team managed to win 2 matches.

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