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The Indian team got a big blow in the World Cup, out of the Shakhar Dahan event

The Indian cricket team got a big blow after the success of their 2 matches in the World Cup, and opener Shakhar Dhawan got out of the event.

In the match against Australia, Shakhar Dahanun's thumb took a high-speed ball in the coat, which he was injured.

Shankar did not come back for fielding after diving in the match.

The Indian Opening Batsman played a key role in the team's win by playing outstanding innings of 117 runs in the match against Australia.

According to the Indian Web India India report, Cheekharadhan's engineer was tested, the fracture was confirmed in his thumb. The doctor has advised them to rest for three weeks, due to which they will not be able to participate in all the Indian matches in at least June.

According to the Indian media, Shakhar Dahan will be released from the Indian team, while replacing the young batsman Sharias Iir or Rashtriya Pune.

It is clear that India is playing matches against Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, West Indies and England in the month of June.

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