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The hobby of smartphones changed the human skull structure

The use of smartphones around the globe is increasing, whatever effect it has, but now scientists have discovered that this habit also has changed our body.

Yes, the use of potentially smartphones is causing the skull structure to be transformed and it looks more like a teenager.

This claim came in a medical study in Australia.

In the research of Sunny Coast University, it is said that a small odd bone is being made above the throat of many people, and it is so large that sometimes it can be felt by pressing the skull's base with fingers.

Researchers say that this strange development was discovered in the skull of the people during the last decade.

The reason for this could not be a clear identity, but researchers believe that it might be used to keep Smart Devices in neck and neck.

According to the research, the human head is very high, weighs up to 4kg and it binds the neck to keep the bending bent for the use of smartphones.

Due to this, often people suffer from the pain in the neck, which is also known as text nicely, due to stress pressure on the neck cells in a strange way.

Research has been discovered that the change in skulls of 18 to 30 is increasingly increasing.

During this research, skulls of a thousand people aged 18 to 86 were scanned, and researchers said that due to this, the head might have to look down and down.

For example, spending screenshots on smartphones, tablets and laptops increases pressure on different parts of the neck, which makes this change.

This is because kidneys can be more prominent and stronger and resulting in a new bone of bone in the skull, while the part becomes more spacious.

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