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Some vegetables and fruit beneficial for men more than women

Although vegetable and fruit are considered beneficial for all ages of all sex, however, according to a recent research, they are more beneficial for men compared to women.

Yes, according to an American-based nutrition research, fruits and vegetables are more beneficial for men versus women.

According to a report published in Science Journal 'Jama', the use of green vegetables and fresh fruit often helps in preserving some types of cancer including heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

The report is said, although fruits and vegetables are beneficial for men and women and especially adolescents, but they are more beneficial for men.
According to the report, fruits and vegetables especially benefit from women in reducing men's obesity and saving them from heart diseases.
According to specialists nutrition, especially apples, pearls and green vegetables, especially petty vegetables are more beneficial than women.

Interestingly, a research earlier said that some vegetables cause mental stress for men.

UK experts said that mental conflicts in men's foods found mental confusion, mental stress, depression or depression compared to those who eat meat 74 percent more.
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Experts say there could be many reasons for men to eat vegetables, one of them is also that people themselves have determined that vegetable is useful for health.

According to experts, there is no doubt that people can only have their economic problems behind the vegetable, but most people eat their vegetables better than dough.

Experts told that vegetables are also useful for many diseases, but more vegetables contain deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, Folic acid and other vitamins, which are helpful in mental health.

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