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Samsung's 64 megapixel cameras operating in the phone?

Samsung's South Korean company, Samsung, claimed using this three phones in February this year, this phone was the company's best phones ever.

The company said that these three phones were released on the occasion of 10 years of the company's completion, so they were presented with the most unique.

And so far Samsung Galaxy 10, Galaxy 10 Plus and Galaxy 10A are considered the best phones from the company.

But now the information has come out that recently the South Korean company has filed an application in the rights-making company to create a new phone, which has been requested to get rights without naming the phone model.
According to the American Economic Journal, Forbes, the company's right-to-request and the first image of the so-called Samsung phone call, seems that this phone will be "Border Lace".

This means that there is no screen in the phone due to its screen display.

According to the information and pictures so far, the company can name the 'Galaxy S11' phone.

Reports are that in this phone the company will provide a 64-megapixel Front Camera for the first time, while it is also likely to provide more than one camera.
This phone is being developed under the Next Generation Technology, which will be equipped with FG and potentially co-g technology.

The Samsung Print sensor will also be available in Samsung, however, it is also being expressed that there is no key feature in this phone due to the border line.
Due to border lace, this phone corner and body are likely to be compared to other phones and that the border lens will be similar to the backdrop of the screen phone in the laptop, so the 'headphones' jack in this phone There are also many reasons to be given.

It may be possible to provide wireless headphones in this phone, as well as it is said that this phone will likely be with wireless feature features, but it could not be confirmed in this regard.

It is believed that more details of this phone will come in the next few weeks and possibly the company will introduce this phone to the beginning of the next year.

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