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Pakistani Star Company succeeded in winning the World Award

The health-related Pakistani-born company, "Independent Health", was successful in winning the World Cup with the support of the US and the Netherlands government.

'Free Health' won an annual global competition with the support of the US and the Netherlands's support-up companies.

The Pakistani Startup Company won the award for 'The Global Innovation Throw and Technology' (GIST) annual Global Enterprise Championship (GES) competition.

The annual competition for the world's start-up companies is to be encouraged and given them awards, with the help of the US and the Netherlands governments, while award-winning companies are awarded by different international organizations. Funds are provided under the amount
This time, 4 thousand companies had sent applications from the world for the start-up award, out of which 30 companies were shortlisted.

For five years, five companies were shortlisted for the award, out of which only one start-up company 'Spielbound' was awarded awards.

'Spielbound' is also an American precision working company.

The same award includes special awards to 2 new start-up companies annually in the festival, and this time a Pakistani company has two companies winning two special awards.

This time, the Netherlands's company 'Civil Cobra' and the Pakistani company 'Independent Health' were selected for special awards.

The Independent Health Chief Executive Officer (CEO) participated in the event in Hague, Netherlands, Netherlands, and he daughter of American President Donald Trumman, Enchanta Trumpet, Prince of Netherlands, and the Netherlands's Minister for Global Development Received Award from the Cad.

Awards fund was awarded to US $ 650 million, which was funded by other technology organizations including Google, Amazon website, Silicon Voice Bank.

'Free Health' is a platform on which patients and doctors across the world can exchange all medical records, including reports and tests from each other.

This platform aims to create awareness related to people in the world and provide support to those who are sometimes troubled during treatment.

This platform is still in the early era, this platform was created in Karachi three years ago in the capital city of Karachi, and now it is considered after the World Award, that the platform is active in the help of people. Will play the role

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