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'Life is a lot of trouble on breakup due to the open book'

 Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif, a few months ago, has said that he did not have any regret when he was relieved from Ranbir Kapoor, but after that breakup he became stronger but now he admitted that he was very painful for him. Was away

Katrina Kaif, with Ranbir Kapoor, loved in the early times of career and there was a relationship between the two for a few years, however, both of them did not admit it.

During an interview in December last year, Katrina Kaif had said, "I do not understand my break-ups with Ranbir as little as any blessing, because after that I realized my significance and my wishes."

Katrina also said that he did not regret any break on his break-up.

Now in a new interview, he said that he never talked about this break, but the media forced them.

He said, "As far as I am concerned, I never talk about my relationship, I talk about it because the media was interested in it, I do not have to pay every time I come back. We can save and do not feel good to do so, so the best thing is to reduce the size of the shares and I also believe that the reality should be recognized, we (Ranbir and Katrina) still respect for each other. And it will never change

 Katrina Kaif

He said that because of being a star, he had a lot of trouble but he was also helped to become a better person when we both got separated, so my sister was passing through such a situation, At this time I realized that since my life was an open book for others, so my mother was more troubled, both of us felt the same pain, through study I found comfort, my friends also proved very helpful, I do not regret this chapter of life, I am more conscious than ever passed through this experience. '

A few months ago, during an interview, Katrina Kaif had said that Salman Khan is his best friend, but sometimes he does not even talk for several days, weeks and even several months, but still one another Best friends
In response to the questions asked for marriage and children, he said that although in the past he had also planned to marry and to produce a lot of children, but his wish could not be completed.

Katrina Kaif did not tell who she wanted to marry and why she could not fulfill her desire.

In the future, an actor in love said that she feels love whenever she needs them
Katrina Kaif explained that she can be loved by anyone, anytime, and no one has to wait for it.

An actor instances that a book may fall down on his or her hand on an airport and if he tries to take it down, then at the same time someone will come and help them take the book, and at the same time, both of them look at each other. Collapse and then love them.

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