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Know these benefits of tea?

The popularity of tea in Pakistan is not possible, and this hot drink is also liked in most parts of the world.

Various research reports have mentioned benefits of tea addiction, such as preservation of premature nausea, specific types of cancer, fluid, diabetes and diabetes risk reduction etc.

In fact, caffeine in tea also helps in providing energy to the body by making it pleasant.

Caffeine enhances nervous system and mental cats and you will be stunned by knowing about the benefits of drinking one cup of tea daily.

Effective against sore throat
Add a cup of tea to a cup of tea and control the throat's throat, if you are affected by coughing, throat pain or sore etc., reduce salt swelling due to infection. Will help to eliminate the bacteria.

Take away the occupation
Add one tea spoon butter to one cup of hot tea, using butter with warm tea provides fluid to system digestion, while improving intestinal functions, butter also reduces acidity in the stomach which is in the chest. The gastrointestinal disorder reduces while eating food.

Control overxicides
After making tea, adding 5 to 6 leaves of Telesyana can help inverting excessive blood, these leaves are full of antioxidants, which are effective in prevention of flu and seasonal chances. There are.

Stomach pain
If most often stomach ache, add half a teaspoon of saffron to tea, the saffron system is very beneficial for digestion and its use in tea helps to relieve stomach pain.

Blood pressure control
An California University research has been discovered in the research that ingredients in tea improve blood pressure while reducing blood pressure, which also reduces the risk of acne heart and stroke. According to research, Also find fluoride and other ingredients which have a positive impact on blood and are not as implicit as they are, especially if you prefer home tea instead of outside.

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