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Jon Cina-a-Diesel's thankful to join 'Fast and Furious'

There are many successful actors in Hollywood's successful film series 'Fast and Furious' castings and now another famous person has rooted in the film.

The film director and the main actor Vin Diesel announced a few days ago that American Racer and actress Jennifer Sinai has also become a part of the film 'Fast and Furious 9' cast.
While Junie Sena has promised fans now she will perform her best in the film.

In his interview, Jon Sinai said, "It's a great opportunity for me, I like cars, and that's why I'm close to this series and are popular worldwide."
He added that he is very happy to be part of the best team.

It was believed that in April this year, Vin Diesel indicated Junk Sinaa to cast into the film, after which fanatics were very unhealthy to see the movie Sinaa.
Referring to the casting of the movie, Junena said, "I'm very thankful for One, I'm glad I'm a part of this film."

Remember that Hollywood's successful series 'Fast and Furious 9' will be released on May 22 next year.

Vinesel is also producing this movie.

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