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Indian fans cricketer on Steven Smith if Virat Kohli stood on the pitch and did so that nobody could think.

Most of the events are seen in cricket fields that fans start playing slogans or phrases against the fielding player on the cricket bunder, but one such event is a match between India and Australia last day. Also, the Indian captain Virat Kohli came to the field and set a wonderful example
According to the details, the last match of the match, India beat England and lost all over England's Oval Grove Indian fans on the occasion .Veryat was on the pitch for Kohli batting and Australian captain reached for fielding on Bondri. So, Indian fans started cricket on the Australian side with respect to hair tumble scandal.

The fans who came from the cricket side reached the pitch to Virat Kohli, but when the water break came, Virat Kohli came forward, and the fans came to the front of the cricket team and handed the message with the hands, saying the phrase Whenever you go, you should be looted. Meanwhile, Steven Smith also went towards Verat Kohli and thanked her for the help of Virat Kohli, whose video was viral on social media.

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