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Indian cricket board and Dhoni knees in front of the ICC

مہندرا سنگھ دھونی آج آسٹریلیا کے خلاف میچ میں بغیر نشان والے دستانوں کے ساتھ شریک ہوئے— فوٹو: رائٹرز

Indian cricket board and former captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni dismissed the Indian Army from kneading, kneeling before the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In the World Cup 2019, India had played its opening match against South Africa and Dhoni scored the Indian Army on the gloves wearing wickets during the match.
The ICC General Manager for Strategic Communications said that BCCI has been requested to remove this mark from Dhoni's glues.

There was a lot of noise in India for demanding Dhoni marking but Dhoni had to remove this mark from his gloves in front of the clear rules of the ICC in front of the ICC rules.

When the Indian team reached the field for practice before the match against Australia, the match was not on Dhoni's gloves and then in the match, he got into the field with different gloves.

'Cathedan' is a sign of India's special army and it is permitted to wear Paramertry Commando only
Dhoni was awarded honorary Colonel Col. in 2015 in Parachute Regiment and he also received Pira Brigade Training in 2015.

The ICC was requested by the Indian Cricket Board to allow Dhoni to target the gloves but the ICC refused to allow former Indian captain to violate the two laws. Was it

It was not the first time that the Jaitle Main Game was given to the Indian team or any of its players, but before this year, the Indian cricket team in March this year, the military cap in a one-day match against Australia in the home ground. Came wearing
His move had to face criticism from Pakistan, and then Federal Minister for Finance and Broadcasting, Fad Chaudhry, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the Pakistan Cricket Board, acting on the ICC, while playing the game on India Was asked for ban.

However, the ICC said that the Indian cricket team was allowed to wear a hockey cap.

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