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Founder of the United Nations arrested, London Police confirmed the press release

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Scotland Yard in London has arrested the founder of the MQM Altaf Hussain and transferred to the local police station, he was arrested for an investigation on hate speech.
According to the details, Altaf Hussain's arrest has been confirmed by Scotland Yard and press releases have also been issued, which has been reported to be a 60-year-old man who has been arrested for the alleged hate-related investigation, arrested by the Sierra Leone Act 2007 On the violation of Section 44, the arrest was taken from a place in Northwest London.

On Tuesday, Scotland Yard was shot dead at Altaf Hussein's house in West London, a raid hit by the CD department of Scotland Yard, in which 15 police officers participated .Lataf Hussain Hussein A local police station has been moved to London, whereas their house is underway and their statement will be recorded shortly after the police station.

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