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Develop smartphone battery charging technology in 13 minutes

Smartphone use now looks like everyone does, but it does not like anyone charging it for frequent hours.

But very soon you will be able to charge your mobile for a few minutes because for the first time 120Watt Fast Charging Technology is about to start.

The Chinese company Vioo announced on social media site Vebo that it is going to introduce the fastest charging technology in June 2014 Schedule Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

Due to this technology, it will be possible to charge 4000 mAh battery in just 13 minutes, while 50% will be charged in 5 minutes.

It has been named as the fastest fasting technology, named Violet Flash Charging and thus has been compared to other Chinese companies such as One Plus, Hyundai and Oppo.

One Plus, 30 technologies of dash charge at this time have been provided to its customers, while windwave is offering 40-watt fast charging facility to specific phones.

Oppo has introduced the fastest 50-watt charging support technology at the Financed X-phone.

This year, Shimeomi had a glimpse of 100 Watt Fast Charging Technology in March this year, which could charge 4,000 MAHH battery full in 17 minutes.

However, Vioo intends to introduce the fastest technology as well as details next week, in which the company will offer its first 5G smartphone upsets 2019.

The prototype model of this phone came in January 2019, which features features such as FiveG support, the display fingerprint censor, snapper dragon 855 processor and 12GB rim, while using screen sound technology for audio.

Now what features are there for users who are ready to subscribe, they will know the next week.

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