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Bill Gates acknowledged the biggest mistake of life

Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world and founder of Microsoft, has declared the biggest mistake of life in its operating system like Android.

During a recent interview, Bill Gates talked about his mistakes as the leader of the microsoft, especially mentioned by the company's efforts to manufacture a much better and successful mobile operating system than Apple.

In interview with Will Global, Bill Gates said, 'The biggest mistake I have managed to manage microphone is to fail to bring the company to position like Android'.

When the first Android phone was introduced in 2008, since the Google-based mobile platform became an alternative to the iPhone (released in 2007), which could be used by every company, Microsoft has tried it. The competition was badly successful.

The microsoft desktop computer software was all over, but its mobile phone platform in the mobile market could not be a mobile phone focus, which was due to pay more attention to the keyboard and stylus inputs.

When the Windows 7 phone was introduced for the first time in 2010, touch screen technology had been delayed, the company was delayed and that's why it ended up supporting support for the first Windows 7 mobile operating system in 2017. Windows 10 mobile platform will also be broken at the end of the year.

Bill Gates said during the interview that Android is a non-Apple phone platform, that's what Microsoft could win, because the winner would get everything. "

Interestingly, Bill Gates had resigned in 2000 as the Chief Executive of Microsoft, but he was associated with the company as a Judge Chairman and Chief Software Director for more than a decade and then focused on all focus welfare tasks. Do it

When the iPhone introduced, Microsoft's microsoft executive executive Steve Balmer had given it a lot of money, while the company could not succeed with the company.

However, Bill Gates still remembers that microsoft was unable to place a mobile market and it was apparent to replace an operating system with Apple, which is now worth $ 400 billion.

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