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Bangladesh beat South Africa for nose, claiming that Asia's rest of the teams did not even believe

In the fifth match of the World Cup 2019, Bangladesh wrapped South Africa to nose. Bengal Tigers have started their tour in the World Cup in a winner by defeating Protez with 21 runs.

The Bangladesh bowlers did not run a South African batsman in pursuit of the target of 331 runs. One-wicket one-wicket-winning South Africa team failed completely to hit the target target. After the failure of this match, South Africa has become the first team of 2019, which has failed in two matches so far, they beat England by hosting the World Cup opening match.
The South Africa team scored only 309 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in the pursuit of 331 runs, and Bangladesh won the match by 21 runs. South Africa captain Faf Duplex was top scored with 62 runs, JP Domney and opener Eden Markkammer played 45, 45 runs. From South Africa, Ross van Dawson scored 41, David Miller 38 and Opener de Koke scored 23 runs.

Bangladesh beat Rahul for 3 players from Bangladesh. Mohammad Saifuddin 2, Mahdi Hassan Meraaj and Shakib Al Hasan out of one single.
Bangladesh beat 331 runs for the wicket of South Africa in its first match in the first World Cup. Bangladesh beat Bangladesh by 330 runs in the first 50 overs in the 50 overs. Mushfaq Rahim scored 78 runs by Bengali Tigers. All-rounder Shakib-ul-Hasan 75, and the Somalia chief played 42 runs. In the last over, Mohammadullah played Bangladesh well and made 46 runs, not just 300 runs but also played an important role in setting a mountain target. South Africa's Families, Chris Morris and Imran Tahir showed 2, 2 players the way of Pelilin.

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