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US Refuses to Share Information With India on Pakistan’s F-16 Aircraft

You have not been named as a protest against India since February 27, 2019 My latest medicine has been in the hands of America Brave It has become one which has deteriorated India's denial of the Indian wishes...Because the agreement and Pakistan are present at this time, their information is India's design of the Indian design by India.On February 28, 2019, the Indian Nasrish war was fought at the Longwave Pakistan Air Force, but the price of good value was the destruction of two Indian ships and Indian Prime Minister after the Indian Prime Minister.If after February, they are found to be said by the report and the Indian Prime Minister after eating on February, that if I understand, then I will be afraid to call it later, I will call you now again, that you have to embarrass India once again. There has been a problem and the brave response to India has been answered by Bahadur Again, the shame has been faced and this time the US brave response has been answered to India.Again, Referring to this, since 27 February 2019, he has seen the force and Indian government take the remnants of the Omran line in the whole world, and the world is shown to be told that they will be given them to Pakistan.And the fact is to deny the reality of the fact and to make Pakistan self-formed JFSitan Thunder 2:15 so that the world can be misguided, the way of potentially sanctions on Pakistan.Normally, but the government will be acceptable to them, they are getting Indian dogs

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