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Tuck Talk makers now want to create a smartphone

Tuck Talk is the youngest favorite teenager around the world and now its proprietary company is working on removing live dance chat applications and streaming music on a smartphone.

The Financial Times has claimed that this company is working on the manufacture of its smartphone and has been acquired by Chinese company Smartminton design and talent.

And it's not surprising that it's full of smartphone based dance apps.

However, the report does not mention the features or introduction of this phone, but the sources say the founder of the Bay Dance Zeng Yingming has long been dreaming of preparing for a phone.

Beth Dance has refused to talk about this report.

It's difficult to say that how successful this phone is now, but phones usually rotating around an internet company fail, because they are more focused on company's services rather than consumers' experience.

The Amazon's Firefox also failed because of the Facebook HTC First failed to get the attention of the people.

Both of these companies have ignored phone interface and hard work errors.

However, the dance dance has got more advances than other companies, which has got a lot of popularity in the teens due to a breakdown.

More likely, this phone will be for countries like China or India instead of US or Europe where low-cost phones get more attention to people.

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