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The Pakistan Cricket Board for the World Cup 2019 introduced

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will introduce a new kit for the National Cricket Team for Cricket World Cup 2019.

It is believed that few days ago news was circulating about the new cut of the national cricket team on the website of social contacts.

However, by the PCB, the National Cricket Team's regular social links website was made on behalf of PCB.
In his messages Kit kit was published from the first PCB, and then a video was released.

In the video, PCB has been told that the players involved in the World Cup Squad have been recorded the views expressed by the new jersey.

Sarfraz Ahmed, all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Harris Sohail, Fakhrirman, Imam ul Haq, Shahid Afridi and Amrad Waseem expressed pleasure in seeing the new jersey.
Talking of jersey colors, it has been used as a kit used in 2011 event.

The new cut has a green green color, which has deep and light green stripes in the front and back side.
The name of Pakistan is in front of the front, while on the back, the national flag is also showing a little higher than the names of the players.

In addition, there are also logo sponsors on both sides of Jersey.

It is believed that apart from Pakistan, kit of some teams involved in the World Cup has been revised in which Sri Lanka's cut is the most prominent.

Sri Lanka Cricket Board recycled the used plastic bottles on the beach and surprised the world by preparing a team of jerseys for the cricket world.
The 12th World Cup of Cricket is being played in England since May this month, in which 10 teams of the World Cup are participating.

All the teams will play one match each other, and a team will play at least 9 matches.

The Pakistan team will start its campaign in the World Cup on May 31, with the match against World Cup 2 West Indies at the place of Nottingham.

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