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The mobile game made by the Pakistani company is spreading across the world but the company will not benefit from one rupee

A mobile company has been created by a Pakistani company that is being downloaded in the whole world, but the company will not have a net profit of this rupee from this game. According to the website, the game name is Flick Pool, which is being downloaded as the rankings rank second in the fourth and the UK in the UK.
However, this gaming company does not have money for its worldwide marketing and other activities because it requires millions of dollars. Whatever companies that Pakistan companies make, they do not comply with the international game publishers who spend money on these applications and then earn millions of dollars, but those developers Pakistani companies get very little money and never get anything. The same thing happened with Flick Pool and it has become a global reputation now, but this will not benefit from the Pakistani company.
There are also some Pakistani laws in this regard that encourage people who create such applications, because every one of us is making a good deal with our regulators, and the delay in blaming money laundering. Do not you Therefore, to protect these legal gamblers, Pakistani developers feel the same as global game publishers selling their products. Flick Pool will earn millions of rupees, but this will not make any Pakistani company or Pakistan any good.

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