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The last 'Rambo' return for the last time

Long wait and over a decade later, the first trailer released by Hollywood's upcoming action film 'Rambo: Late Blood' was released.

With the latest film 'Rambooseries' movie trailer, it has been said that possibly it will be the last film of this successful film series.

'Rambo: Late Blood' is the fifth film of the famous film 'First Blood' and 'Rambo' series.

The first film of the series was released in 1982 as 'First Blood', which was very popular on the box office.

The story of this movie was taken from the novel called 'First Blood', in which the main guerrilla warriors of 'John Rambo' become the focus of everyone.
This character belongs to the US military, which helps the oppressed during the Vietnam War, and the same role was presented in the film, and every time this character was depicting new threats and evil.

After the success of 'First Blood,' the second film of the series, 'Rambo: First Blood Part One' was released in 1985 and this time, the role of 'Rambo' played by Sylvester Stallon.

After the success of the first two films, the third film of the series, "Rambo Thori", was released in 1988, which has not been made of this series of films for a long time.

20 years after the third movie release, the fourth film of the 'Rambo' series was released in 2008, which smashed the Box Office, but by then the main actor of the film Sylvester Stallon was over.
Sylvester Stallon insisted to bring more series of series due to an aging age, but after the intense desire of the fans, in 2015, the fifth and potential film of the series was announced.

The fifth movie of the series 'Rambo: Late Blood' was launched in 2018 and now the first trailer of the film was released, which although Sylvester Stallon is not showing the heroic hero like the first films, however, the criminals People are showing tastes.

About a 2-minute trailer, Sylvester Stallon has been shown to be fighting war crimes by criminals.

The story of the fifth film of the series revolves around the Rambo war to kidnap Rambo's friend's young daughter and release him from the captives of the kidnappers.
The trailer shows that the Rambo travels to Mexico from America to recover his friend's daughter and arrives in Mexico, from the desert, forests and mountains, where they face dangerous criminals.

The director of the 'Rambo: Late Blood', directed by Sylvester Stallon, is also co-written with Matt Krulink.

The movie cast includes other actors, including Sylvester Stalon, including Adrina Brazza, Paz Vega, Sacrifio Paris and Oscar Jade.

The movie will be released in September this year.

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