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The Iranian government does not want to change but also want nuclear weapons, trumpets

Donald Trump says he does not want to change the Iranian government, but also wants nuclear weapons to be there.

Donald Trumpp, on a visit to Japan, concluded a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shujaat, and praised Japan's steps for possible talks with Iran.

US President Donald Trump says he was not worried about the missile experience targeting North Korea's recent target, and according to him, he is not against the United Nations Security Council's resolutions.

On the other hand Japan's Prime Minister Shiva Veget, who is hosting the Donald Trump's 4-day visit to Japan, disagreed with his opinion.
The visit to the Donald Trump was to enhance unity and relations among the leaders of both countries.

At the joint press conference of both leaders, Trump said that he and Shōzo's climate discussed economic issues including trade and Iran, but recent Korea's recent experience led to the differences between them.

In response to the question of Missile Experiences, Donald Trump said, 'I have no problem with it.'

It is clear that Japan has expressed reservations over North Korean missiles for a long time.

Donald Trump said that he is a part of the analysis of several experts, that this experience is a violation of the Security Council's contract, including his own National Security Advisor.

"My people believe that missile experiences are against the contract of security council, but I do not think so, I think maybe one person wants to get attention, or maybe not what," he said.
He hoped that North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong will abandon his nuclear and ballistic missile project.

"I just know that no nuclear experiment was done," he said as Kim Jung, as an intelligent person. No ballistic missiles were torn or missed missiles were tested. I think one day we will have a contract, no hurry. '

Analysis of the last statement by the Shinzo Abi repetition said that missile experiences were against the UN treaty and it has Japan's concerns.

He said, 'It's sad, but new strategy is being adopted between Kim Jong and Donald Trump which I am tribute'.

The Donald Trump praised the move by Showshaq to talk about potential talks in Iran.

Showsha Abi said that peace in the Middle East is imperative for the international community, including Japan and the United States.

It is clear that Showsu will visit Iran next month.

Donald Trump said, "I do not want to change the Iranian government, I just want that there are no nuclear weapons."

It was believed that before Donald Trum Schneeh had interacted with a long-term conversation.

The official game of Donald Trump's golf game with his perceptions, Donald Trumpe offered a trophy to the Somo Wrestling Champion and included a long-term conversation.

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