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The government decided to increase the GST tax on everything that Pakistani heads would sit down

Due to the high influx of inflation, the inflation of Pakistanis has prohibited the inflation and the tax has been overflowing. However, the Jupiter beats! Ready to press the burden of the Pakistani tax as the government has started considering the increase in general sales tax (GST) and ending the refunds given to the Pakistanis in other taxes.
Government wants to collect 2 trillion rupees in the sales tax and it has decided to take an easy step for this purpose. The easy way is to increase GST by 18% and increase the amount of discount in many taxes. At the time of the country's sales tax revenue is 1.7 trillion, while the government is only additional in the financial year 2019-20. 350 billion rupees

According to the report, if the government adopts this way, it will have to increase tax on many sectors that are still paying taxes. They include many other sectors including textile and steel. In the budget of 2017-20, one proposal has also been given to eliminate the 'Zero rating fee' given to 5 securities exporting their products, under which Tax exemption is available

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