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The Book of Shahid Afridi Named Game Changer has Changed Everything

The book Writer, like Anjha Janaa Aank, like Gujrat Khan, is a journalist and is surrounded by intellectuals and their minds against the institutions of Pakistan, there are errors in books which will bring a whole nation to our nation. If you are going to tell Afridi about the love of Nawaz Sharif, we ever wanted to take the curtain from these secrets, perhaps in Africa that it has done a lot of criticism on Imran Khan and Imran Khan told He did not like the players that he did not like, and the politics which was in his leadershiphip cricket I also do the same thing, Nawaz Sharif's love and his statement, Nawaz Sharif, in the book, knows that he refused to strike the billions of billions of rupees in Pakistan, who did not return to Pakistan, and Pakistan's army drowned. And when threatened to ask them to threaten them from power, then they went ahead and did not know the whole incident of Shahid Afridi but maybe you should tell that perhaps Afridi would not be part of Nawaz Sharif when It is raining in the match, that is what the hope is that after the rain gets damaged, it has always been seen to see that the very thoughtful initiative If the batsman does not bat, but ends up after the problem is done, then making a lot worse by doing the shopping is that Pakistan's World Cup final was Rs 40 crores and the match against Bangladesh was done at Rs 30 crores. Seeed in the whole world and you know what was about Nawaz Sharif's government and Shahid Afridi came in front of Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan's entire team was hit by Shahid Afridi's beautiful Pakistan Nawaz Sharif's beautiful-saving virus....The world's most respected lady will not be gathered together by our journalists. They are being attacked and after Shahid Afridi's statement, one who has heard my voice, is Pakistan's favor of brother-in-law. Our brothers have gone and said that you know the names of the people of Pakistan and made them known as dacoits and drowned them and Pakistanis returned to Afridi in some place, perhaps in the Afridi Cricket Test and then after the Age of China Bailey The time left is not found that what will happen to them, that means Kamran A. I have a good deal with them, but they do not bring the scene to normal if you do not come, what is the use of adopting now? Question: It is created that what is happening in their book besides Pakistan? If Pakistan had a lot of us, then look inside Pakistan, Rashid Khan was less written in the age of the year but he kept it closed if you write lesser than you counted from county cricket everywhere in his place. The contact of the rat rat has been added

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