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Suspend Google Services on Huawei Anime

Google also suspended the business with Huawei after the US President Donald Trump's blacklisted Chinese company.

According to the British news agency Reuters report, consumers using windwaves will now be able to use Android apps and Google Play services, but it is likely to be available on this device's device after launching Google's next version of the year. Will not be.

However, users of Huawei will use this new version through the Android operating system Open Source License.
Huawei P20 light is likely to improve further this year

It is believed that this ban was placed at a time when the American President Donald Trump joined the Chinese company, Hueview, in the list of those companies who would not be able to trade without US firms license.
Announcement of Huawei's own operating system

On the other hand, when the Google and Android system access was suspended at Huawei's company's device, Huawei Company also confirmed to be its operating system.

Huawei's mobile chief Richard Yuong Dong said that if Google and Android services are suspended permanently on Yahoo! then their company has already developed its own operating system to deal with such situation.

The statement issued by the company said that the system will be introduced for mobile phones and computers when needed.

After Google's ban, it was believed that after Google's move, there will be large number of mobile phones available worldwide.

However, regarding this, Richard Yong Dong Dong said they are ready to deal with this type of situation.

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