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Political clashes and murder incidents, but Modi Party Guns engaged in singing

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, despite the success in the elections, despite the events of political clashes and murder, he is looking forward to the bravery of his nationalist party.

According to Foreign News agency 'AFP' after the reign of Narendra Modi's party for the next five years, the conflicts and clashes between the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and its rival groups in West Bengal During the BJP 3 workers have died.

Despite the heavy heat of Narendra Modi's political fort, Varanasi, thousands of supporters went out on the streets and kept party slogans and slogans.

Narendra Modi asked the supporters and asked, "Why are our workers in Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal murdered and why are they being attacked?"

He said that it is a very shameful and non-democratic process
A close associate of BJP's former minister Samti Irani was shot dead in Uttar Pradesh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Samratati Iran defeated the Congress head Rahul Gandhi from the same district in general elections.

Authorities say Sunday night in West Bengal, the BJP member of another member gave birth to the clashes between the BJP and the Rival Ranaamamol Congress party workers in the state.

During the clashes, explosive bombs were thrown on each other from both sides, injuring more than 10 people.

The third worker of BJP was killed in firing incident a day after election results in West Bengal.

The ruling parties and other politicians of the opposition parties were killed during the election campaign in many states.

It is clear that Narendra Modi will take oath of second term of Prime Minister on May 30.

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