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Modi is Ready to Give Another Surprise to Pakistan - Mehbooba Mufti

You told us in detail that at the place of which intelligence has been sexually sexually released, the Red Alert has issued a great deal from the big ones to whom the batsmen did in the whole of all, which is the most important thing to do with the disc discs. Mubarubha Mufti's presidency is the President of the People's Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir, he has stated that Modi is going to attack Pakistan and it will attack exactly like Balakot. He said he was interviewing Indian media inside the occupied Kashmir. Said Modi's defeat in the first general elections has made Modi fully developed that he is on Pakistan. Do not talk thank you, thank you Imran Khan Mehbobah is a free government government. Modi's Congress and all stakeholders have this kind of puppet government within Kashmir, as Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who is working on the external agenda, but you It seems that the situation is going on inside Pakistan, the most important thing is that Modi's bad days have started. Now, to see this, CK TV has given you intelligence information earlier. Modi and Alychi are looking at the seats while their target is 360 to 370 because when they 
win two years then only then They can run inside yksn you can change the Constitution of India has big defeat
Sets are on the sets and most of them are Sittar Telangana-Andhra Pradesh, because they were identified at the same stage within those states, yet one of the Messaj 42s did not seem to be in favor of BJP who still Intelligence information has been found India is the most important province of Uttar Pradesh UCP says that it is up to UP and the sons of western UP including Ghazi population, which are heart-catched, are heartfelt in the situation. In 2014, which Modi had given his name and was set in India, the situation was not going to happen like this.

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