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Like the 92-year-old World Cup, West Indies hated Pakistan with a tough defeat

Nottingham Blackwind blasts the Shahines in their first match of the World Cup. Like the 92-year-old World Cup, West Indies' innings were heavy and they defeated the Pakistan team by 7 wickets.

West Indies team hit 106 runs target of 13 wickets in 13 overs at the loss of three wickets. Nicolas Parnon of the Caribbean side hit the match by hitting. Chris Gayle made the wicket with 50 runs while the wicketkeeper was on top, while Nicholas Parnon played 34 runs. Pakistan's star bowler Mohammad Aamir got out of all the West Indies players
It is believed that in the 1992 World Cup, Pakistan and West Indies started a World Cup tour with each other. Despite the retirement of Brian Lara in the match, West Indies defeated Green Shirts by 10 wickets.

The West Indies won the toss in the first innings of the Trent Bridge tournament in Nottingham, when Pakistan invited to bat to Pakistan, then Pakistan became shattered like the Shahin sand. On the overall score of 17, Imam ul Haq scored 2 runs and Pelilan returned to the 35th scoring, proudly Zaman also got out 22 and Harris Sohail bowled 8 runs after only 10 runs in the total score. Even on the individual score of Bob, the Prime Minister also dared
Pakistan's 7 players could not succeed in crossing two points. Captain Sarfraz Ahmed 8, Mohammad Hafeez 16, Umad Waseem 1, Shadab Khan 0, Hassan Ali 1, Wahab Riaz 18 and Mohammad Amir made 3 runs.

Captain Jason Holder and Orient Thomas were the most successful bowlers from West Indies who showed the pallilion to 3,3 players, while Andrey Russell scored 2 and Shielden Coatelick in a wicket.

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