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Katrina Kaif also on the footsteps of Priyanka, Deepika Padukone and Anushka

It was a time when Bolivia actors were most focused on getting their acting and maximum movie movies, but today actors do not restrict their careers to acting only.

Actually, many successful actors are busy celebrating their name in other businesses.

As a clothing brand is launching, many actors are making their production companies
As Picica Pedrocon's acting, along with the costume brand 'At All Now Yu', is moving into the career with Depression Foundation 'Liu, Lo, Laf' and Production Company '.

As many as there are many actors who have become a producer with the production company
Actress Katrina Kaif is also acting as producer after Priyanka Chopra, Anshka Sharma and Deepika Padukone
Katrina Kaif has announced that she is making her production company that will come up till the end of this year.

During the promotion of his soon released film 'India', Katrina Kaif spoke to the media, saying, 'It is true that I am making my production company and this will come in the end of this year, I hope that I'm the producer of these projects, with whom I'm in touch. '

It is clear that Katrina Kaif has got the rights to make the French film 'Only Let Me Get You Meat', but the film has not yet started shooting.
"I have been working on this French film for a long time, I want to be the producer of the film, hopefully this movie will start shooting this year," Katrina Kaif said.
Remember that Katrina Kaif's film 'India' is going to be released on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr this year.

Salman Khan has played the main role in the film, interestingly, before the Katrina, the main role was given to Paranika Chopra in the film, but the actor refused to work in the film on the occasion, after which Katrina I was signed in.

The film "India" is based on a South Korean movie, including Tebu, Deva Patani, Sunil Guru and Jackie Schwarf.

Ali Abbas Zafar has given the instructions of this movie

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