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John Wick 3: The film that hits the box office at Evansers & Game

Avans and Games were released around the world on April 26, and since then the box office was unable to defeat it.

But now the world's most powerful superhero has defeated the box office on the role of Kean Ravi's murderer Jan Wak.

The third film of John Ww Series defeated the American Box Office in the first week of release of Earners and Game in the release.

John W. Chipper 3 earned $ 5 million (Rs 8 billion 44 million Pakistani rupees) during the week from Friday, while the earning of $ 2 million stood at the end of the event and the company earned $ 77 million in the US. The second film has become more and is now in front of Star Wars the force is Oak.

The first winner of the John Wave series was released in 2014, in which the main character had eliminated the entire crime gang on the killing of her dog and earned $ 4 million in the overall US box office.

In contrast, Johnny Chopper T earned more than $ 3 million for the first week of release, but Janwich Chapter 3 left behind the expectations of experts who thought that this film would be able to earn $ 4 million for the first week.

But the logo of Kean Rue's magic is still on the movie viewer and the chapters third is going to prove to be the most successful film of this series.

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