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Jagan, I am a CEO of the YSRCP Cabinet ministers are not!

Jagan, I am a CEO of the YSRCP Cabinet ministers are not!

Before the election results were announced, the YSRCP Cabinet list became a viral on social media.
The list is also named after Granthi Srinivas who contested from Bhimavaram.
Roja's name is also included in this list.
The results of the April 2014 polls ended on April 11th. The power and the opposition are strong enough that power is their own. YSRCP sectors believe that opposition to the Chandrababu government is at a high level. Jagan is also confident that this party will come to power this time. Already the 'Honorable Chief Minster Vice Jagan' is a name plate social media that has become viral. The latest news is circulating in social media. If Jagan is the CM, there are campaigns going to the cabinet.

Will Jagan be? Will YSRCP come to power? Is on May 23. But you have a good interest in the social media on the 'Jagan Cabinet'.

According to the publicity campaign on social media, Jagan is the Chief Minister of the Speaker, Chandrababu Thodullu Daggubati Venkateswara Rao. The Revenue Department will be handed over to Dharmana Prasada Rao and Home Minister Reddy Ramchandra Reddy. For some time, the finance department has been handed over to Mukesh Rajendra Reddy. Boddy Roads and Buildings .. I have to hand over a huge irrigation department to civilian supplies to cat Subhash Chandra Bose, Gadikotta Srikanth Reddy to the Municipal Department.
Srinivasa Reddy, who has been educated at the Kuralasala Kannababu and Medical Health Department, Avanthi Srinivas and the Department of Power, Roshan and mining department, has created the cinematography department for Granthi Srinivas who competed in Pawan Kalyan.

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