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I want to prove the head coach Mickey Orthur wrong, Wahab

Wahab Riaz, the national team's fast bowler, expressed his pleasure in joining the World Cup squad and revealed that he had dreamed that he would join the national team for the World Cup 10 days ago

Since the 2017 Champions trophy, Wahab Riaz, who did not play any one-day international match, was also part of the 23-member squad initially announced for the World Cup.
Afterwards, when the 15-member squad was announced for the World Cup, he did not even include his name but luck was something else and seeing the poor performance of the bowler's team in England, the selectors were based on the current form Forced to choose in squad.

Wahab Riaz, addressing the news conference in Lahore before departure to the World Cup, revealed that he had dreamed that he had been elected to the World Cup Squad 10 days ago.

"I saw in the dream that the chief selector said to me the brother and told me that I have been selected in the World Cup squad and this is my last chance and it was exactly when Anilam ul Haq calls me the team. I am aware of the selection.
The integration of integration is that Wahab Riaz, who is fasting, can prove to be a great deal of interest in the national team due to his reverse swing in England.

Waveab Riaz said that there will be reverse swing on dry conditions and tough wickets in England, I am skilled in reverse swing, in which, in turn, I will try to stop the flow of runs in the end over.

Remember that Pakistan bowlers had to face the flow of runs in the four-one over against England and the national team failed to score a lot in all matches despite the failure and the England team got around 350 runs in almost all matches. Score more.

Wahab Riaz acknowledged that he had a lot of pressure because Chief selectors told them, he has been involved in the team based on experience, wicket and boundaries in England will be favorable for biting so we will have to bowling with aggressive thinking. Otherwise the batsmen will be defeated over us.

On this occasion, he regretted to embarrass the emission of fellow bowler Junaid Khan's World Cup squad while saying that he would be very frustrated and disappointed and he would be thinking that he was abused.
On the occasion, the fast bowler said that he wants to prove the head of the head coach Mickey Orthrough and correct the selection in his team.

Remember that Mickey Orthrough raised questions on Wahab Bowling and working procedure, saying that he did not give us any match in 2 years.

Wahab said, "I can not tell you how painful it was with these words, but I do not want to be in the past and it's all history now, now I am a part of the team and Mikri Arthur proves to be wrong. I want to prove the selection right.

Wahab Riaz will soon join England to join the national team.

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