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Hip run, West Indies target 422 for New Zealand

West Indies replaced 422 for the victory in the World Cup Worm-up match due to the stunning series of item hoop.

New Zealand won the toss in West Indies to win the West Indies to bat first and invited to bat first, and the decision proved to be in the beginning.

Chris Gayle and Aaron Lausanne scored 59 runs in their 7 overs in the last over and the match ended when Gailin returned to Palline by making 36 runs with 3 sixs and four squares on 22 balls.

After that, the item hooked up with Lewis and both of the players set 84 runs and scored 143 runs, Lewis became the wicketkeeper of 50 runs after making 50 runs.

Darwin Bravo 25 and Shimon Huttier played a small partnership with 27 runs in the innings, but the second and tobacco batsmen continued to bat for a good batsman and completed their series.
Hoop made 101 runs with 86 balls with 4 sixs and 9 fours in 86 balls, while Nicolas Pathan's innings bowled on 9 runs.

After the loss of 6 wickets at 285 runs, Andrey Russell and captain Jason Holder were on the wicket, and both the players performed aggressive batting while making only 82 balls with 82 runs, their team's overall collection smoothed the path of access.
Holder 47 and Russell scored 54 runs in the innings by pushing Palline while Briith Weights and Ashley Nours played 24 and 21 runs in the innings.
West Indies' entire team returned to Palline in 49.2 overs but before that, he scored 421 runs like a score score score board.

New Zealand made Trent Bolt 4 while Matt Henry took 2 wickets after the 107-run knock in 9 overs.

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