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Google Adsense Update || Withdraw Money from Youtube in Pakistan Bank Account

We worship Google AdSense today morning when I got up, I called a friend that Timor Brother check out the signature hormone check if the rest has gone to you if I checked my age, I just got an ad This is the problem that was high that you will not be paid by the Western Union now, you thought before 20 days, maybe the Google people are often doing this on YouTube but currently I have seen that almost everyone has gone to Messiah so now we have to do it now we have to update now people are very upset How to get money Yes, now that you get money through the bank by the White Hostel, it's not so difficult, it's just that Batsman is going to meet you Twenty20 here After four days, when they meet, they will benefit you, but if you have a higher amount of money, it was more than $ 5,000, then you got through the bank. And those who have not been able to build their account now and you will now get the same amount in the bank account, maybe there may be an update. I can not say it cooked. It has been announced that the West Union option has been announced later, but it is currently necessary to advertise in the bank account. What should I do if you first want the account holder account number to be numbered? If you do not have people, then it is written by the database below The PPR is sitting very well, your number will be, where you should get from where you type it easily and write the bank name, then you will be able to show that I What's up to the database is that it's not you guys checking your computer right now, because you do not get the money before they are not updated before 20 days, then it's an update you must check your address. People who have an appointment have also been able to make a measurement message, and those who have not yet come, may be destined to be here tomorrow. Come and get your money done again and again, then you will have to adhere to the payment, then if you get it then I will go on a computer screen and tell you how you have to do it because Turn off your browser First of all, how do you search for your bank account...

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