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Fear disappointed by the end of 'game of thorns'

The last episode of the last season of the America's famous City Fiction drama 'Game of Thorns' was broadcast on May 19 this year, but its end congratulated the fans unhappy.

The first season of 'Game of Thunder' was revealed in 2011, since which it was liked as a whole of the world.
The 8 release of this show was released, the fans were excited to be the release of the second season at the end of every season and when the announcement of this show's last season releases this year, everyone felt that this season This show will prove to be the most successful season.
However, after the season's broadcast, the fans kept disappointed with the show, in front of every new episode.

However, after the last episode release of the season, the fans became very disappointed with the end of the show.
On the social networking website, the fans said on that season's story was very weak, but they did not like it at all.
The idea is that the actor Kit Harrington, who played the role of 'Jon Snow's' in 'Game of Thorns', told the fans a few days before the end that everyone would not be happy with the end of that play.
Fear disappointed by the end of 'game of thorns'
One of his interviews was to say that the end of the civil war should not have ended this way.
He said that he believes that the drama took 8 to 7 years, should not end it.

Remember that the story of this drama has been taken from the American Artistic novel 'A Song of Ice and Fire', the play made for the HBO by David Benevf and DBVs.

In the play, the actors of other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, played the role, when it was shot in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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