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Chicago's first black female mayor took a position

Black woman Lori Lite fit for the first time in Chicago's history took oath of the position of US State mayor.

Addressing the function, Lori Lite fit said that during the election campaign, the promise to introduce reforms in the third major city of the country would be fulfilled.

After taking the oath of office in Ain Trust Arena, he said in a statement, "It is been said for a long time that Chicago is not ready for reforms, but now get ready for reforms."

Chicago's nine elected mayor said basic changes will be included in preferences for reducing the city's council's capabilities and reducing arms-based violence to reduce corruption efforts.
A few hours later, he signed the orders of restricting special options for the Municipal Council members, according to this tradition, every member had direct zoning permission.

Among the toughest challenges facing them is to make changes to the Chicago Police Department.

Lori Lite Foot is not the first mayor who wants to make changes to the police department, but by the recently approved court monitoring plan by US District Judge Robert Doo, it is a great opportunity to bring a change in the police department.

Lori Light fit defeated the long-standing political figure in April and was elected Chicago's first black mayor.

He said a few days before the oath that he was serious about the change in the force of 13,000 officers and he would make new appointments at high positions while taking a lot of reforms in the police.
However, despite the judicial support, Lori faces facing obstacles to light fit, demanding a video released by protesters in 2015.

White video in the video was seen black black teen Lwanwan McDonald hit by killing 16 bullets.

Just like Lori Lite fit, former federal prosecutor Phil Turner in Chicago said, 'I believe he is a true reformer, but there is a difference between the fact that he is a true reformer, he is standing against many forces' .

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