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Chemicals present in everyday goods increase the risk of liver diseases

Chimpo and toys in toys increase risk of obesity, diabetes, diabetes and diabetes.

It was a medical study in Russia.

Newbie Siber University's research has been discovered in the research of the urine patterns that are found in the quantity of chemicals in these products, which also cause obesity or diabetes disease risk.

Similarly, in those people the amount of blood fat is dangerous, which leads to risk of liver and increases metabolism.

Phthalates used in these products are used in many daily products such as water bottles and purifiers.

These chemicals have already been described in various medical research reports due to barriers, obesity and development, but still have not been investigated on mice rather than humans.

That is why the University of Siberia decided to examine the effects of the chemicals on humans and collected urine samples of 3305 people.

The quantity of these chemicals was compared with physical weight, diabetes typography and poor liver functions.

The results were disrupted that 66 examples of molecule Phthalate while 72 percent of the samples were significantly higher than the quantity of mono-to-ethyl phthalate.

Motherhood Phthalate was found more in obesity, while such anesthesia also discovered that damage the liver.

The results were further revealed that those who were healthy weighing, their samples were very low.

Researchers say that though the number of samples collected was very little, but the result concludes that these chemicals affect the liver and affect metabolicism, which increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

The results of this research were presented on the occasion of the annual meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology

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