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After the ban of US sanctions, would companies shut down the airline?

The Chinese company faces the worst crisis since American President Donald Trumpe has awarded a list of national security by making Huawei the national security.

At present, the US Department of Commerce has temporarily allowed business from other US companies, including US Presents and Software buyers for 3 months, but this ban is being applied in different fields.

The results in this ban will be much higher because many international companies have disconnected their relationship with so far.

The list below is the list of companies who have disconnected their relationship so far.

Google announces suspension of its business with airline on May 19, under which Android license was canceled for airborne and online phones, but after the 3-month temporary relief of the US Department of Commerce, Google also added Announce to maintain Android licenses for 90 days, during which users will get updates and security releases, Google will continue to play online playlists and playlists for the phones working at this time, but future Regardless of reference can not be said anything clearly. On Google's announcement, Huawei announced its operating system by the end of the year.

ARM holdings
This chip designer company from the United Kingdom, after all the agreement with US and supported US sanctions, has ended. According to the company issued by the company, this company does for US-made technology mobile chip sets and processors, and that is why they are implementing the US government's ban on decision-making, bad news for CEO's Canyon processors. Because they are preparing at ARM design only

Microsoft has removed airline laptops from its online store in the US so that it can execute the US ban, Microsoft software is likely to be canceled for Microsoft in the near future. The company did not describe a clear standpoint.

Lemonant holdings
The fees for the iPhone Parts Supplier Company announced Google to end up with its business relationship last week.

Japanese company Panasonic also announced to end his relationship with Hawaii, according to the British Daily News Guardian report, "We are blocking all business transactions from Airways and its 68 group companies, due to which the US government Is banned

Intel, Cucumber, Broadcom, Xilinx
According to a Bloomberg report, the four companies have instructed their employees to not provide anything to the next notice.

Suspension from WIFI Alliance and SD Association
Besides technology companies, Hyundai was suspended from WiFi Alliance, a group that determines the quality of all wireless technology, while SD Association is a standard fixture for SD cards and also the Chinese company Suspended, and this suspension means that a smartphone-making company, SD card or micro SD card, will not be able to use it in the upcoming device.

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